Zwift rides not transferring to ZC

Hi, I’ve been trying for a week to solve a technical issue. I recently joined Zwift. I have installed Zwift & Zwift Companion on my iPad. I can ride on Zwift, save rides and I can see that Zwift has my files for the rides but they are not transferring into ZC…it keeps saying I have no activities. Any idea how to solve this? Both Z & ZC are on the same iPad I’m working off.

Hi @Paul_Kavanagh1 welcome to the forums. Do you “save and exit” the main Zwift app when you are done with a ride, or are you just hitting the home button and putting Zwift in the background?

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Thanks for your Mail. I only get an option to “save” which I do and then it says my ride will be uploaded to Zwift. I don’t get any option to exit…where is that?

See attached. Just before taking these shots I had completed a 51 min group session that kicked off at 12.40pm.

Any help would be really appreciated.



That’s what I’m referring to, on the PC version it exits the app automatically.

Can you force close the app when you are finished with the ride and after you have saved. That might help. Are any rides showing up in the companion app yet?