Zwift restart

Clearly the in game assets/prize structure is a cluster of haphazardly rolled out ideas. How many people would be unhappy/happy if zwift were to start a new “season” (much like Fortnite and some other popular games)?

In this idea, zwift unleashes an update, everyone returns back to the base level with the basic Zwift bike. In doing so they could restructure the assets so that as you start with slow equipment and gradually unlock the better equipment as you invest your time and effort into the game. Just like any sort of driving game with unlock-able cars. You start with a 90’s Honda Civic and work your way to an F1 car.

It’s ok idea, i like it in driving games but if even It’s possible here then zwift must count all past efforts (mainly exp earned) to new game system. Many people spent months cycling around zwift world and will cry, some maybe even make autodestruction (Jk :joy:) if this didnt count.

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What is the difference between this idea and how it works now, outside of the starting over each year? Also, I think a lot of folks, like those who ride outside as much as possible and save Zwift for the bad weather days, would be unfairly penalized because they would never be able to reach higher levels.

dude you must be very strong now. if you have the Tron bike the “drop’s” system is useless. :slight_smile:
I don’t see any sense in it…

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