Zwift 2.0

Let’s be brutally honest, zwift is very buggy.

Large events rarely work smoothly, graphics are very variable and mostly poor, and the UI needs a lot of work.

Instead of trying to build new things onto a minimally functional base and playing whack-a-mole with bugs is it not time to just stop trying to fix it and start from scratch? An example is the years spent implementing a button to return to the menu.

I’m not saying to take the current version away, but to just stop trying to fix and improve it, and instead focus all the development resources onto building something from scratch that is designed to meet the needs of the current user base. A lot has changed since zwift first released, take these lessons on board and build something better.

Once a new version has been built, and thoroughly tested, then transition users across en masse. The design content of the worlds is already there and just needs a polish (eg, stop writing floating above the road and wheels sinking into roads), it’s the underlying game engine that is broken.

I an under no illusions that this would be a huge undertaking, but at the moment zwift is an inferior product to a lot of competitors and is relying on its critical mass to succeed.

I’ll just be happy when the gradient graph in London works.

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Do realize Zwift is a client+server thing.

If I understand you correctly, you propose a new client side app be written.

Not a bad idea, but I wonder who is going to do that? Why would anyone but Zwift do it, given Zwift is the only entity which stands to make a profit out of such?

I think they are suggesting that zwift should do it.

Instead of fixing stuff and adding stuff to the current version build a new one from scratch and include new stuff in that. unless I misunderstood the OP?

Exactly that. Stop building onto a product that is barely functional and start from scratch. No one else but zwift fix it.