Zwift recording event ride not finished incorrectly

(Clive King [KRT]) #1


Can you please investigate why (this seems to be happening more) Zwift is prematurely recording ride in event as unfinished when in fact event was completed.

Event: Zwift - ZHR Audax 100km (Ride) (A) * 9:14 AM Dec 2, 2018

Actual time completed ride: 2.14.28; yet Zwift states I completed it (as unfinished) in 2:13:23

TACX T2800 NEO August 2016 (approaching 400+hours) AC Powered 0.2.1/0.74/0.8.4
AppletTV 4K
BLE with Tacx Neo and Wahoo Tickr HR or Tickr Fit HR
**Latest Zwift Version: (as of Sunday 2nd Dec)
using BLE from Android Phone (also running companion app) with BLE BOSE Headphones
Using Fans with 2,4Ghz wireless remote
5GHz Wifi Connection with 3rd party TPLINK VR900 Router running 5GHZ and 2.4GHZ WiFi networks (very reliable) - 70MB/20MB EE Fibre Connection (Very reliable)

(John Schneider) #2

Hi Clive,

Thanks for letting us know about your trouble, we appreciate the feedback!

I’m sorry that your Event turned into a partial ride.

You’ll typically see a partial ride if you get disconnected from the Internet during a ride or crash, as Zwift can’t upload your .fit file in either of these cases. The good news is that you should have a .fit file saved locally on your device or on your dashboard. You can upload the .fit file to any third-party fitness sites you use (e.g. Strava). Information on how to find that file can be found in the article “Can I upload my .fit file/activity to a third-party site?​​​​”

For more information about partial rides and how to prevent them, see our KB article on partial rides, “My Ride Didn’t Upload: Partial Save, Malformed Fit Files​​.​”

If you continue to have troubles, please submit a support ticket and we’ll gladly help you look into this issue further.