Zwift record video via companion doesnt work


If im riding and try to record a sprint it doesnt record. I get videos of me not sprinting but if im really giving it the beans it doesnt record even if i press the record button on the companion app. Are there limitations of speed/watts or something else preventing this from working correctly?

Android app v3.49.0 wahoo kickr windows 10 zwift app

The video snapshot records the 15 seconds prior to when you push the button. When are you hitting the record button - before or after the sprint? And if you get a PR it should record automatically whether you hit the button or not.

Hey paul

Afterwards and yeah i saw 3 PRs too. No videos!

Regardless it didnt record. In fact ive noticed the video button being greyed out. Does that means its recording? I cant see these videos in companion only in strava and they arent the right ones.

It sounds like it might be this issue that @evan-zwift responded to in this other thread:

That thread is for pc screen and video shots. Im using zwift companion on android to capture. Do you think they are linked?

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Maybe! (?) The issues sound suspiciously similar. Hopefully Evan will take a look and let us know.

Just as a note of clarification, we don’t currently upload videos to the Zwift activity feed (as shown in your screenshot) - video screenshots are currently only uploaded to Strava if you’ve linked your account, so you won’t see them in the Zwift activity feed afterwards.

@nicholas_williams A few follow-up questions:

1 - You mentioned you’re using Windows; can you please open File Explorer and navigate to your Videos/Zwift folder and let me know if you see any video recordings there.

2 - Can you use the Video Screenshot button using the in-game Action Bar? It should be blue like this if it’s working as expected:

Hi evan

So i run zwift on a windows pc but use the controls for turning, ride ending, pictures, and videos in zwift companion app.

As you mentioned videos arent kept in companion will they be on the pc if i didnt use it to request a vid or pic?

Also, because im uploading to strava do i have to choose the one video i want to upload and have inadvertently lost all the other videos because its defaulted to an earlier one. Especially as the muckle yin sprint is basically the finish line!

Thanks for the input both

Check out the latest update on the topic I mentioned above (regarding multi-monitor configurations) and see if it matches what you are experiencing

All videos that are recorded will be saved locally on your PC.

Hi paul and evan

I found them all in the zwift videos folder on my pc. Thanks for your help. Seems like user error here :confused: