Zwift re install failure

Hi there I have a very annoying issue with zwift, righty I’ve been using zwift for about a year, love it, however my Garmin express has always caused ant+ conflict issues so tonight I decided to delete it as I don’t use it anyway.

This is when my problems began, I go to get on zwift to do a race and my ant+ dongle won’t work the icon in the corner is no longer lit up so I’m assuming that zwift and garmin express share the same driver on my pc and I removed it when I removed garmin express, I’m really not happy as I’m now missing my race, so I decide the best thing to do would be delete zwift and re install.

Sounds simple well no once I re install after waiting a eternity it tells me again after the first update bar has finished that it needs to do another update so here we go again but now the update bar doesn’t change just stays the same no eta or anything and nothing happens at all… so as u can imagine I’m fuming right about now and ready to throw my laptop out the window.

I do have a error code which reads as follows
Update failed due to patching. Error code Z-3 at line 672 in
Please contact zwift support

So can anyone help me with this it’s hailing outside and winter in New Zealand I need to train and I don’t like paying for a product I can’t use please help!

A Z-3 error generally means that your Zwift app is having troubles connecting to our servers, while trying to download the update. So I suggest restarting your modem/router and then trying to update again. If that doesn’t help, opening up a ticket would be a good course of action.