Hi There

Getting the following error message when update is performing.

Update Failed during patching. Error Code: Z6 at Line 301 in Patcher.cpp

As a result cant get Zwift to launch.





Hi Kieron, often re-running zwift will resolve this issue.  If after a few attempts it doesn’t resolve itself, your only option (unfortunately) may be to uninstall Zwift completely and reinstall it fresh from the website.  

We have a new updating/patcher program coming out soon that should take care of most of these updating issues that pop up from time to time.

Hi Jon

I have tried both.  I have restarted and also reinstalled.

Same issue.  Any other ideas?  When is the patch coming?



If you are experiencing problems running/installing/updating Zwift, please submit a support ticket via the link above. We will be able to track and follow up better in our support system versus the forum.