Update failed during patching Error code Z-5 at line 672 in patcher.cpp patcher

First update failed with line 672, then full reinstall after download now at line 680.
Second reinstall after clean up browser at asked by Zwift support…still same error code Z-5 with line 680.
No news today.
Thinking to cancel my account but need help

Completely uninstall Zwift. Delete all the Zwift files in program files. Backup the Zwift folder in documents.

Clear explorer cash and cookies.

Restart pc.

Download Zwift again. Install Zwift.

Make sure you have administrator rights.


I did all that 2 times today… now what? no other CS mail since yesterday

Hi @Jacques_Wiseman_CX_I, did you resolve this problem, I’m having the exact same issue today.

I did 2 full reinstall but I did make my backups of CP and logs

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Same problem here. Zwift isn’t updating and running. =
It happened after a fresh install of windows 10 and zwift,
I also uninstalled, deleted remaining files of zwift on program files, cleared the cache and restarted.
Error code Z-5 at line 680 in Patcher.cpp.

Interestingly I had the exact same issue…where after two completely fresh installs after removing everything Zwift related on the 3rd attempt I changed from my wired internet connection to tethering my phone and it worked.
This sounds like a complete fluke to me though…

It was similar with me.
Removed everything and reinstalled once a day and, surprisingly, everything working now. I did not change anything and it is running fine now.
Something happened but I have no idea of what…

Having the same issue here. No online chat available with zwift so tried the ambassadors. They asked for my logs which I sent but then had an automated reply saying they couldn’t help. I’ve emailed zwift support and just waiting for a reply. I’ve done several install/uninstall but getting the same problem every time. Very frustrating.

To uninstall, did you manually remove the zwift files on Documents and Program File folders?
I know that to completely uninstall zwift we have to uninstall through Apps & Features and then remove the file on Documents and Program Files.
If you wanna keep your results, you have to rename the files on Documents folder.

Hi Vanius, yes manually deleted all files associated with Zwift including the logs and documents. didn’t rename or back them up so results are gone unfortunately. :man_shrugging:t2:

I have exactly the same problem zwift no help

I’m now having exactly the same problem and have tried uninstalling, clearing cookies, deleting all files and reinstalling and I still get the same error message. I’ve also tried connecting my laptop via a hotspot and via an ethernet cable and still the same problem. Waiting to hear back from Swift Support