Zwift Race Series, Cupid's Chase 2020

The next installment of the Zwift Race Series, Cupid’s Chase is coming up on February 14! Be our Valentine during the loveliest month of the year with a heart-pounding 4 mile run.

February’s race uses a unique “staggered start” event format that groups runners according to ability. Everybody faces off in the same race, but start times are staggered with more mellow runners taking off first. This levels the playing field, giving everyone an equal shot at the top spot.

Chase the runner ahead of you and finish strong to be one step closer at unlocking the Zwift Race Series Spring Kit.

See course details and register here
World: Watopia
Route: That’s Amore
Distance: 4mi // 6.4km

See you on the road!

@shooj This looks like a fun race and I like the idea of staggered starts, my only suggestion for future runs is to either change the category limits (Maybe target pace ranges) or add an E group. Plenty of us run slower than 10kph (~6.1mph).

I would agree with @DKE_Watson, it would be nice if there was another group for the slower runners/joggers that go below the ~6.1mph range. It is ok to sign up for D but would be nice to just be in a group with the slower runners. This looks like it will be great fun though!

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Hi @DKE_Watson and @Jo-Anne_Brandes

I asked our Run team, and here’s what they suggest. Each race is set up so the slowest group starts the event first with other faster groups released after. This works sorta like Zwift races for cyclists, where the front of the different groups tend to cross the line at more or less the same time. If you prefer to jog out the pace and not worry about placing, the D group is still a good one to join.

This style of staggered start is so there’s more of a chance you’ll have people besides you all the way to the finish.

@shooj thanks and I understand that. And I plan to attend even with the knowledge I have no chance for a potential win/podium, unless less than 3 people sign up for my race time haha.

What I was saying for a potential feature in future runs is to have more categories to allow runners of all abilities the potential to win.
E - 9kph
F - 8kph

There are plenty of runners who run at slower paces but still like to race. As the Zwift Run platform builds out just thinking it would be a good opportunity to reach out to them, get them involved in racing and feel as part of the whole community.


Roger that, thanks for articulating!

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Yeah, that is one problem with Zwift running. It doesn’t seemed geared at all towards people just starting out and trying to get fit enough to run at the lowest advertised pace in most events.


And, of course half of the D category participants will run at around 6 min / mile. The staggering will sadly not work without category enforcement.

Hello @shooj,

Any news regarding this month’s ZRS ?
I checked the ZC and website but couldn’t find any information.
Thank you

Hi @P_Carretta

In fact, we do have a fun event coming up at the end of March. Keep March 28 marked on your calendar. I can’t reveal what it is just yet, but we’ll give you enough advance notice to sign up.

In the meantime - runners and cyclists get double XP for every Tour of Watopia stage! Tour of Watopia is the best way to level up quickly.

Thank you @shooj for the update