Big Zwift events staggered start groups. Zwift allocated Batches

when we have events like the Tour of Zwift there is a lot of people participating making the start crazy and the graphics load on the PC is huge. It take a long time to settle into a group with similar speed and ability.

My solution is to set rider off in smaller bunches based on there power to weight ratio (w/kg). So Zwift know my weight and my FTP they can do a quick calculation and release us in groups of 50 riders every 30 seconds, with the fastest ones first. That will fix the big group issue, but it will also group similar ability riders together, and I think that will be more fun. I think I will start a new topic with this idea.

One problem I see is friends that just want to ride together so we can have 3 options to choose from when we sign up.
A = Start in batches
B = Men (one big group)
C = Ladies. (one big group)

What do you think, vote if you like it.

Or they can just offer more start times, like folks on here are asking for :joy:

When I did stage 1, there was over 2000 in the pen. That is unnecessary. I’m glad that Zwift still has those numbers as the seasons start to get better on the top side of the world, but why does Zwift not see that no one cares that we are riding with 2000+ people, we would rather have to ride go smoothly.


One potential issue I see is that the slowest riders in a group of 2400+ (like the recent Tour of Watopia Stage 1 I was in) will have to wait an extra 24 minutes for their actual start time. That’s a long wait in the paddock.

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I do realize that not everybody is on Zwiftpower, I do think more people are registered now than in January.

But my point is even with the many start times for the tour de Zwift there was still huge numbers.

O yes I see your point, they can play with the start times and size of groups, 100 per group every 20 seconds will be 8 minutes for the last group.


I see it’s already introduced but here are some other (better) ideas:

  • have races for AGE GROUPS would make a big difference.
  • 20 min warmup is no luxury at all!
  • it’s possible to communicate actual start time (see TT’s) so just join and go and do something else.
  • starting interval based on level difference would make it a ‘real race’ as is first one arriving is the one & only winner. (not as an attractive aspect for e races as for RL ones…)