Zwift previous ride

Hello :slight_smile:
So 31 January 2023 i did sub 60 up Alpe Du Zwift. I have absolutly no idea how i did that!
Now i am really curios to find out HOW i did this!
I have found the activity both on my Zwift profile and on my Strava.
At these places i see all the data i want to. But i want to see the ride it self. Is this possible ?

Have you looked on your Companion App ride activity ?

If you mean “can you rewatch your previous effort?”, then kind of. With HoloReplay you can observe your ghost do it. You have to be in-game doing it, but you could ride to the bottom of the Alpe, cross the start line, and your ghost would zoom off. Or you could try to keep up or beat it. :slight_smile:
However, January 31 is beyond the window for HoloReplay to keep your PR. After 90 days, the PR is deleted. So I think looking at the data on Strava with the elevation profile is your best bet.
Another option is to record your future rides that involve big efforts like that, so then you can replay it.