Zwift power figure lag behind

I find the power reading on Zwift at least lagging 15 seconds behind my actual power.

Here is my setup, I have Zwift paired to my vector 3S using Bluetooth. I then connect my Wahoo element to the Kickr and having the Kickr being directed by the vector 3S using ant+. The Element is also reading power from Vector 3S through ANT+ board casting.

On the session, I was actually running the Kickr as a dumb trainer (percentage resistance) as I setup for my FTP test.

The reading on the Element unit is normal and responsive. However, power reading on Zwift screen would still remain near my FTP for long periods after I stopped peddling. On one account, it took 15 seconds for the number to come down to zero after I stopped peddling.

On one instance, I slow down gradually and spike back before totally stop. The Zwift power number reflects that trend but is still 15 seconds behind.

I am running Zwift on my 2019 iPad Pro.

Could the community suggest some solutions? Thanks in advance for your help.