Wahoo kickr out of sync (15 second power delay, wrong heartrate)


I am experiencing some unfortunate issues with Zwift. I have Zwift connected to my Macbook Pro, that is connected via bluetooth to my Kickr. I have a Wahoo tickr for heart rate connected via bluetooth.

I also have a Bolt v2 connected to my Kickr via ant+

Zwift and my Bolt are getting significantly different readings. My Bolt updates power readings within milliseconds, while ingame it takes up to 15 seconds for Zwift to notice I’m doing a sprint.

Not only is the power delayed, it also is inaccurate in Zwift. My Bolt and Zwift average watts were different by almost 60 watts!

Again, my heart rate is also acting out. Zwift stated my heart rate was average 160 bpm for the ride (I wish), while both my Apple Watch and Bolt states it was 177 and 175 bpm.

All of this happened after I updated my Kickr firmware, but it only seems to be an issue in Zwift, no other apps or “games”. I of course did calibration but to no avail.

My internet is okay

and my Macbook is definitely strong enough to run zwift.

I"m getting the exact same issue with the delay of power. Really noticeable on the workouts. Rolled back firmware to 4.1.2 - Works as new