Zwift Power Export Primes First over line

is there a way to export the Zwift Power Primes results of each round (first across the line)? The API interface only gives you the fastest segment time, but I want a JSON file that shows the first rider over the line every lap. @JamesBailey have you a idea?

Afraid not. Far too clever for the likes of me.

The Primes tab does show you this (for either FAL or FTS) but only the first ten positions.

if you address the API as follows:

(zwiftpower url)/events.php?zid=2619681)api3.php?do=event_primes&zid=2619681&category=B&prime_type=elapsed

then you only get the FTS time. Can this be sorted by FAL?

Not by me :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t even know where to start in terms of APIs. Others may do though.