Expand and change format of the PRIMES table

I just have a little request to the devteam on Zwiftpower. If it would be possible to expand the number of shown primes. We have been running races since 2015 and
Love to use the primes but also to reward userser below top 10 on the primes so we uses 40 positions right now and we often get questions about how we could show the primes for
All positions but with the “limit” of 10 that ZP has right now that is impossible. So our request is if the primes table could be expanded to match the number of primes set by the organiser
Or expand it to top 100 or so, so it wouldn´t be a problem to show primes for all riders. Many thanks in advance

I guess a lot of other race organisers gets the same questions asked a lot to

And while we are at it wouldn´t be nice to change the tables from horizontal to a vertical list instead?
Now you have to scroll sideways to see all the primes, but making the list vertical like any normal results table would feel much more “normal” to people. At least that it what I hear from people watching the primes tab.

@James_Zwift please help us make this happend :slight_smile:

/Martin SZR Manager

I raised this a month or so ago Martin. It’s low priority but I’ll see if I can nudge it.

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Thanks James
I would be a great update on ZP since we got a lot of questions from where people can see their primes and why they can´t see more than top 10 and so on.


You know I know this :slight_smile:


:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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I think this is a really good proposal.

If it’s not too much to ask, they should consider to transpose the table as well to make it easier to read. Ranking tables should always be top to down, group (segments) left to right.

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An increase to 20 would be great, and hopefully fairly easy to do.

It would also be good to see those that have been DQ (optionally?) stripped out as well, but that may be more involved.

I would also love to see this happen…and Sprints & KOMs tab to show the correct names of the segments…last weekend we did 2 ascents of Leith Hill and it shows Keith Hill name.

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