Top 10 FTS with multiple rounds on same segment

I organized a race on the Fan Flats with the Sprint Segment for 5x FAL points (6 rounds) and a total FTS classification for the sprint segment. For some reason Zwiftpower isn’t calculating the FTS correct. Am I missing something? Can Zwiftpower only calculate totals and not merged FTS times from multiple segment attempts? I was hoping to give the overall top 10 points for all attempts on that segment.

I down load them all into excel and put them in a format my admin guys can use.

I only have FTS for one sprint and one climb per race running throughout the season.

ZP will not do what I want so I find it easier not to mess about. I wanted to just have 2 columns one for Sprints, one for Climbs under two separate tabs in ZP so I could run them through the season.

Hi Alan, thanks for the quick reply. previous season I only had FAL points (I organize a Dutch league called Zwift NL Racing League). This works perfect in ZP. To try something new I added FTS this season, yesterday was race #2 with FTS on a segment that the racers passed several times… that was too much to ask I guess ;)…