Zwift play taking priority over trainer on ATV

Hi all, recently bought play controllers to use with ATV. I’ve been using the companion app as a bridge for trainer, play and HR monitor and intially all seemed ok. Now however I find that the readings from the trainer seem to be freezing and very slow/laggy to respond and change. This only happens when play controllers are on. If I switch them off trainer immediately responds, and even if i have just trainer and one play controller connected, this happens.

Im using a samsung A32 (circa 1 yr old and fully updated) as a bridge, and while i thought it could be too many bt connections for phone I dont think it is. Everything seems ok with trainer and HR monitor only and the issue only happens with play controller connected. It seems that zwift is giving priority to play controllers and this is causing block on trainer readings. Has anyone else had same problem or got a suggestion how to resolve? Beginning to think ill just have to dump play and accept they’ve been a waste of money. Thanks.