Zwift Play - 11 gears on trainer, 12 gears on bike

My trainer cassette is 11-speed, while my new bike is 12-speed. Can I utilize the Zwift Play to electronically shift gears instead of manually changing them on my cassette? Will there by any issues arising from this?

Not yet I don’t think.

As a workaround, you can turn off controllable in zwift and use you trainers app to control your resistance. You won’t feel the hills of zwift but it’s not bad

Yes there is a Virtual Shifting option in settings that will appear if you have Play or Click shifters paired. Turn it on. Assuming the chain fits neatly on some gear of the cassette, and you have virtual shifting enabled and working, you should be able to shift using the Play controllers using that equipment. Of course if the controllers get disconnected you will be in trouble.

Why not just put an identical 12 speed cassette on the trainer to what you have on the bike, I’m sure it would work out cheaper and more reliable

Which trainer do you have?

I thought this was just with the zwift hub.

Oh yes that is 100% correct and I see I misread the original post. We don’t know which trainer it is.

For other trainers there is the option to use virtual gears in the QZ app on a phone.

My road bike has 11 speeds, while my TT bike is equipped with 12 speeds.
Currently, I only use my road bike on the trainer, but I would like to also use my TT bike on the trainer too.

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i am using Garmin Tacx NEO 2T

Rather than switching the cassette every time I change the bike, I’m considering keeping the existing 11-speed cassette and purchasing a Zwift-Play device to simulate gear changes.

You can’t use virtual shifting via the Zwift Play on your Neo trainer, if that’s what you were thinking. That only works on the Zwift Hub, because the Hub itself supports the virtual shifting to change resistance.

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We have the same situation. Tacx Neo with 10 & 11 speed bikes.

We have 2 freehubs for the Neo, one with a 10 speed cassette on, one with an 11. Very quick to swap them over, much quicker than faffing about swapping cassettes.


great, thanks