An option to use zwift to change gears

As I was using zwift today I was thinking it would be great to be able to use zwift to set up a “virtual” cassette and have the option to change gears using this virtual cassette via the phone app using up/down buttons. This would be great for those with smart trainers who for whatever reason don’t want to use their own gears…noise or smoother transitions being 2 obvious immediate examples.


Good catch here!..That would be awesome!

That’s why I use workout mode on weekday mornings; wife isn’t too fond of the sound of gears switching back and forth :slight_smile:

Yes that was what made me think about it i was on a ride up both sides of the mountain and was thinking just how much noise my gear changing was making and i started to ask myself why am i even having to do that on a smart trainer (Tacx neo) why cant i just change gear virtually with a button, it just made sense.