Simple question regarding physical gear selection

(Mark Shaw) #1

Hi All,

Zwift newbie here with a very simple question!

I have not started using Zwift but intend to very soon and have a question on gear selection. Do I start riding on Zwift and physically change gear on my bike or do I start in a normal gear, leave it at that and let Zwift alter the resistance on my Tacx Vortex Smart trainer instead?

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(L Read) #2

You use your own gear selection .  Vortex will vary the resistance based on the onscreen terrain. On the uphill, resistance will go up and you will shift to an easier gear, etc. 

(Andy Warhol) #3

Zwift adjusts the resistance of your smart trainer in real time as you ride in order to simulate things like a change in gradient or being in the draft of another avatar. Consequently, you need to shift gears while you are riding if you wish to keep your cadence within reason.