Zwift PC Bluetooth issues

So you select the PM under Power then you go to controllable and search and it should show your trainer.

I would suggest getting an ANT+ dongle since you are using a PC.

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I abandoned the ant+ dongle due to continuous drop outs. Always frustrating when your 20 min be into a race and find yourself on the side of the road with the virtual equivalent of a flat tire. :slight_smile:


Do you have an extension cord for the dongle so it is right under your trainer?

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Yep. Doesn’t seem to matter where I put it. Found BLE with companion app was more stable, but having issues there lately too.

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Then my guess I should you have some sort of interference.

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Did you ever get the bluetooth issue sorted? I have exactly the same issue as you had. Previous laptop everything connected OK, but the laptop died, so I switched and the problems with bluetooth started. The
other laptop could see the devices but Zwift said my bluetooth was not switched on. Have loaded up the microsoft update, have checked the BT drivers and checked for upgrades, but still no joy. Tried Companion and Zwift picked up some devices but not the controller . So now have ordered an ant and dongle to see if that solves everything!


As per my postings that were hived off into a separate thread.
I’m yet to try again with this as I can connect using the Companion App but intend to see if I can get it to work using Bluetooth. I note another user - Patrick - resolved his issue by completely wiping all traces of Zwift from his PC and reinstalling.

Hi David.

That sounds like a fresh install, where you uninstall like normal, then make sure any remaining files are purged. Custom workouts, Personal Bests and Logs are typically safe to keep, just locate to a different location before the uninstall. We’ve specified the specific folders to delete here.

I apparently have the same issue so many of you reported: TacX Neo2 + Suunto Smart Sensor are operational in TacX cell App and TacX Desktop app (laptop in front of the bike with BT USB adapter).
My 2 devices also work with Zwift and Zwift companion on the cell phone but the Zwift app on the laptop simply can’t locate anything because in the pairing process the BT icon is greyed out with a yellow triangle.

This indicates the Zwift app has a critical issue since BT is working 100% not just because of the other apps working with it but because if I go to BT settings in the systray, the devices are there, the laptop sees them.

So you tell me what else can it be if the laptop sees the devices but Zwift says the BT is turned off? Obviously it’s Zwift.

All drivers are up to date: again, I only have this problem with the Zwift app on the laptop. TacX works on laptop and cell phone and zwift + companion both work on cell phone.

It’s got to be a bug.

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Certainly mirrors my experience.
I’ve just accepted the situation and use Zwift Companion to connect and use Zwift.

I’m having same issues with bluetooth and Zwift. I’m using Acer Swift laptop and after I uptated my Windos 10 the problem started. Zwift shows gray bluetooth logo and orange triangle on it. Everything worked fine two days ago. I have reinstalled Zwift and bluetooth drivers. Other bluetooth devices (like headphones) are working fine with the computer. Hopefully this thing gets fixed, because I don’t want to use ant+ or companion. There is the option to use internal bluetooth so it should work.

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Curious, why don’t you want to use ANT+? Most of us find it to be much more stable with far fewer dropouts.


I have to admit that this is a matter of principle. I think when there is the option to use bluetooth and it was working fine I would like to use it. I started using Zwift at last October and everything went perfectly until yesterday. No connection drops, no sticky watts, everything worked. Yesterday I used companion and it dropped the connection once. I have never tried the Ant+ because I have had no use for it when using Zwift. In my oppinion this seems to be problem with the Zwift software than the gear I use.


Did you have any Zwift updates this week? Did you update windows this week?

Something must have changed. :thinking:


Yes, windows 10 had an update this week, not sure what it was for…

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Yes I updated Windows yesterday. After that the problems started. Then I deleted all Zwift files and programs and reinstalled Zwift. Zwift uptated itself after downloading.

Ok, so Windows had a update. Did windows break the Bluetooth again, it happened before.

But I have not seen any other Bluetooth reports yet and I don’t use Bluetooth my self.


As per my other postings it seems that Zwift has a rather idiosyncratic implementation of Bluetooth resulting in variable success with connectivity.
Simply telling users to connect using Ant+ isn’t ideal and is a fig-leaf to cover the Bluetooth issue. Fixing the problem would be a better solution…


I contacted Zwift and they checked my computers specs. They said that my laptop doesn’t meet the minimim requirements any more after the Zwifts latest update. That might be the problem affecting the bluetooth.