Zwift opportunity

OK Zwift needs to one-up Wahoo and buy these guys.

or just concentrate on delivering their core product better without other distractions like rowing. We’ve already seen with the number of zwift staff getting made redundant they are not in the mood to be spending more cash


Refer to this thread: Zwift hardware plans are on pause - #15 by Otto_Destruct

I’ll quote myself:

I was a rower and wanted Rowing in Zwift to happen so much. I got back into cycling last year, after a decade-long hiatus, bought a smart trainer and sold the RowErg almost immediately.

…Rowing is niche and no amount of gamification was going to make it fun, or have the mass appeal of cycling. You’ve got gears, inclines, and hands free to type and interact on a bike.

TL;DR: “No.”

Longer answer is I could see it taking up a spot like running but not at the expense of core game development.