Zwift on PC and Companion app on phone - how do you listen to music?

How do I listen to Zwift (to hear in-game sounds) AND music on my phone at the same time? My Bluetooth headset can only connect to one device at a time (either the PC, or my phone). If I connect it to my PC, I hear Zwift and I can play my music from the PC, but the problem is I have no control over the music (songs, volume, etc) since I can’t control my PC while biking.

If I connect my bluetooth headset to my phone, I was hoping I would be able to hear the Zwift sounds through the companion app but that doesn’t appear to be the case. If there was a way to make that work then I could play music from my phone.

How do you guys handle this?

In case it makes any difference (shouldn’t), I am using a USB ANT+ adapter on my PC so that I don’t have too much connecting to bluetooth. (Wahoo Kickr and my watch connects via ANT+)


I use a wireless keyboard and mouse on a homemade stand infront of my bike to control the music from my PC. The keyboard has volume up, down and play/pause buttons. If I need to switch to the music app (amazon prime music) I use the window key to bring up the desktop and the mouse to navigate, then click back on zwift when done.

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In companion app settings under notifications at the bottom you can toggle in game sounds on and off

I don’t think it plays all sounds though so not sur it’ll do exactly what you want.

do your headphones not control volume? mine have a button to turn the volume up and down on the side so if you connect them to your PC they should be able to control the volume.

Similar to Mike I have all my music on my PC.

Likewise I use a wireless keyboard mouse which controls tracks and volume. I run an app called Dopamine to run the music. I launch this and then launch Zwift and it sits in the background and I can control the music without changing screen. Windows Media Player does this also but I had issues with that crashing so switched to Dopamine.

It works well as the music volume ties in nicely with the in game sounds. The only time I have an issue is prolonged cobbles in group rides where the noise of the cobbles drowns out the music.

I have mounted my phone to my handlebars and used an app called “Unified remote” to control my PC from my phone. That way I can switch between the companion app and controlling the PC without a separate keyboard or mouse. Works decently unless the phone screen is covered in sweat…

iPod. Old school Gen4. No muss, no fuss.

Older school- feeling like one room school!


Zwift sounds come from monitor speakers.
Music comes from Bluetooth speaker via Spotify on phone.

Same as Mike.

Keyboard and mouse right in front of me to control everything from music to answering forum posts.

I have zwift and Spotify running through my PC, into an AMP and speakers.

To control the music selection, you can do this from your phone via the Spotify App, start playing a track on your PC, then go into the mobile app, settings and devices. Add the PC and you can control Spotify on your PC from your phone.

I keep the phone audio free so I can have a discord chat, companion app, discord and Spotify run on the mobile and I can swap between them, zwift and Spotify on the PC.

THANK YOU! This is just what I needed! Tested and so far looks like a win!

oh wow this works great too! In fact a bit better than the Unified Remote method, because it doesn’t cause Spotify to show over my Zwift window (where I think have to click Zwift to put that back up in front). Thanks!!!

I’m still stuck at the OP’s post and puzzled as to why anyone would actually want to listen to the Zwift audio in the first place.


haha! Yeah I don’t know I’m new to Zwift and thought maybe some of the sounds are useful perhaps. I was hoping there was a beep or something to tell you when elevation is changing but I don’t thing there is. I’m not really sure yet but the other beeps are for. The environtal sounds are nice, I turned off the Zwift musc at the beginning, and lowered the volume of some of the sounds.

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I’ve long ago solved the problem by streaming my own music from my phone. Theoretically with my setup (Zwift running on a PC to a TV and amp) I could just open the volume on the amp and get the Zwift audio on the speakers - but since I ride really early and everyone else in the house is sleeping at that time, that option remains theoretical.

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Yep same here I can’t have sound going through speakers. The solution of controlling Spotify through the Spotify app, and or the entire PC through that Unified Remote - both options are perfect (both let me adjust music volume too). I just pair my headset to my PC.

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