Zwift Mobile Link + Music

I would love if the Zwift Mobile Link could integrate my favourite music straming provider. I use Spotify. But there are other providers out there too. So, why link it you say? 

  1. Send music and playlists to your Zwift friens via message

  2. All in on app. No need to switch apps to change song. Today this takes a while when getting back to Zwift as it needs a moment to connect again. Bugger when I just want to change song and the instantly afte give someone a “Ride on”


This could be fitted in a fourth page in the Zwift Mobile Link. Add buttons like skip forward, skip back, play/pause, change playlist, send song to Zwift friend, etc. 



Hi Anders, 

Thank you very much for your suggestion. This is one of many things we’ve been discussing internally for a while.

Stay tuned for more info in future and RideOn! :slight_smile:

Currently, I’m using my old cell phone for this.  So current phone runs Zwift, old phone runs Pandora. 

I second that, being able to control music via the mobile link would be awesome - getting very bored of the in game sound effects…

Totally agree, seems like it would not be too hard to add a controller.  Zwift could add another folder like the workout folder that we could drop MP3 into, then either place them in a specific order that would play automatically or have a controller.