Pandora and/or Spotify Integration

(Nick R) #1

It would be great to integrate pandora or spotify support!

(K.C. Race3R) #2

I have heard rumors that Zwift integration with Spotify is coming. It will make me sign up for Spotify!

(Tim Palmer ZZRC) #3

Can we have Google Play?


(Joost de Vries) #4

why? you can just run spotify in the background…

(Craig Schaepe S9R) #5

It is a pain to swap applications click next to skip to the next song when you are sweating away on the bike.  

All I want is to replace one of the buttons on the zwift mobile app to be skip next song.  This should be easy to do and should work with any currently running media application.

(Joost de Vries) #6

Ah ok, on the mobile link app. That does sound as an good idea. Computer is too far away sometimes and with your phone is easier. I will vote for it!

Edit: oops already planned :slight_smile:

(Carl Philip Heimdal) #7

I just thought about this today while listening to some music. Would be great!

(David King) #8

Ability to select music based on tempo during a workout would be nice to add to this also.  I know spotify have a feature for runners which does this.

(Tona Medina) #9

I currently run Pandora on the background. But having volume and skip controls on the phone app would be good… I might just run Pandora on the phone instead.