Zwift on macOS and iOS always crashes - need a refund


Does anyone know how I can get a refund for the one month I have paid on Zwift. Just signed up and I’ve had 3/3 crashes on both macOS and iOS. Very disappointing to have the app crash on both applications consistently. 

Can’t seem to find anywhere on how to ensure I get a refund before I cancel.

Thoughts appreciated!



Submitting a ticket would be your best bet:

Have you made sure that the app is up to date and that your computer and iOS device meets the minimum requirements:

Most of the time the issues can be resolved.

Thanks @Paul. Yep - done the basics and still no joy. I’m as frustrated as the next man. But it’s a MacBook Pro and iPhone 7s so ticks the hardware boxes.



I’m sorry to hear you’re having problems getting started! I had a look at your account, and I suspect I know why you’re crashing. I’ve created an email ticket from your post so we can discuss the situation. Keep an eye on your inbox. :slight_smile:

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