Zwift not choosing route selected to ride

hi all

so when i select my route from say yorkshire and go for say royal pump route i select ride and then it starts loading yorkshire but it isnt the right route and at the top in the info bar, it doesnt state how many kms to go it literally just has kms im doing and et. does anyone else know why this is happening, running zwift on huiawie p30

Hi @nic_abberley

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Zwift don’t show the distance to go for every route (i think only one route per map has that).

But if you keep on riding you will follow the route and get the badge.

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In recent weeks we have twice selected Yorkshire’s Queen’s Highway but Zwift automatically took a different, much longer path.

  • Windows 10 PC, up to date
  • Zwift client up to date, obviously
  • “Queen’s Highway” carefully selected as the route
  • No manually selected turns
  • Zwifting 5+ years; familiar with the software

We selected Yorkshire and Queen’s Highway only to get the still-missing route badge, which should be an easy 5.8 km achievement. After twice selecting Queen’s Highway in recent weeks but being still out in the more rural Yorkshire road after 25+ km, we’re skipping that badge for a while.

It’s not a common problem, I expect, since I’m not seeing complaints in the forum. But there is some freak glitch that happened in some combination of circumstances.