Zwift Mobile Link - Stay Logged In

(Andy Bruce (LeslieBikeShop/BB)) #1

My mobile phone is (reasonably) secured - PIN/Fingerprint access.

Zwift Mobile Link is not the most sensitive app I use on my phone. As such, I really would prefer it if there could be an option to keep the app logged into my Zwift account. A very simple “Stay Logged In (Y/N)” option in the settings.


I find it really annoying having to login (usually when I’m already on the bike), when, really, I should only need to start the app and off I go…

(Gerrie Delport) #2

I suspect something in the background has changed, I never had to log in until lately, but it is very random.

(Bjorn Egil Bakke) #3

I’m having the same issue lately.

It just won’t stay logged in.

Ive almost stopped using it cuz of it (Have many passwords and have to try many to get in) :stuck_out_tongue:

(Philip Hoyle) #4

Yes please have it so I can stay logged in. Messed up my intervals this morning trying to login. Yes first world problem but if you can keep me logged in it would be better.