Zwift Mobile Link - Riders interface


Often when you are riding, you see someone behind you, or ahead of you on the User List in the Zwift on-screen display… and you want to give them a Ride On.  Maybe they have a cool username, they just took a KOM, etc.

As a Mobile Link app user, you swipe to the Riders interface page.  It usually takes a few seconds to refresh (which can be rather irritating when you are going hard and you just want the list to refresh before the other person turns away on a different part of the course… and disappears from your view)

So as an aside:

I’d like a Refresh Now button/option/method, not the usual “You might not be looking at this screen so we won’t waste bandwidth constantly refreshing it for you” 

The main part of this request: Your own user is highlighted in black.  Riders ahead of you are above that line, and riders behind you are below that.  What often happens is that I just see blue riders (other people)… and now I’m scrambling “Are these people in front of me, or behind me?” and you’re scrolling up and down trying to find *yourself* as a point of reference to then find the person you actually want who is likely just 1-3 people above or below you.  It would be great if clicking something like say the top of the interface would snap to your rider.