Zwift Mobile link - Events problem

 Why are on mobile link application for Android shown Events only for 3h in advance?

On iOS Events calendar work perfect :(.

I’ve got the same problem.  I’ve just logged a ticket with the tech department.

I have the same problem. I would at least like to see next 24 hours. I only see next 6 hours now.


Same problem here.  First noticed it yesterday.

Me as well. The MobileLink doesn’t show more than 2 hours forward in time. It started during the Xmas holidays.

I also installed the updated app afterwards (with filters), but it didn’t help. When I select ‘run’ the opposite happens; future events from tomorrow and onward shows, but only dark fields for today (‘check back later for events on this day’).

Same issue here. Pretty frustrating to not be able to plan my rides in advance.

Are you allowed to sign up for a group workout online?  I’ve always done it in ZML.

Whenever I go to the Events section of the website, I’m asked to login according to the icon in the top right of the screen. Once I log in, it takes me back to My Activities page.  When I go back to the same event page, it shows that I am logged out again.  When I click the login icon it takes me back to the My Activities page again. 

As of this morning it seems the problem with Events not showing is fixed.

Another option -


This should be fixed as of last night (1/2/18). Thanks for the reports!