Zwift Mobile Link Events listing Problem

 Greetings Zwifters -

I found an anomaly (maybe) in Zwift Moble Link (ZML). I have ZML on both a Samung S2 Tablet running version 2.1.7 (322). Also, I use ZML on an iphone 6 running version 2.15 (323).  When logged in as myself and using no filters on both devices, the Tablet will show all upcoming events, but the iphone version of ZML does not show female events (for me at least). See the example below, Samsung on left and iphone on right.  The iphone listing is missing the Kiss Woman’s Crit event in this example.

Even though I cannot participate, I’d like to be able to see female events so I can pass this information on to my wife and other female athletes on my bike team if I think they may be unaware but perhaps interested in an event. 

I have not evaluated every possible scenario, but it looks like ZML on my iphone is not showing any woman’s events perhaps because I cannot sign up for them? I often I have my phone and not my tablet, so it would be nice to see all upcoming events on the IOS version. 

Many apologies if this issue has already been discussed and I missed the postings.