Zwift Events - Need to see farther into future

(C oach Paul Ozier) #1

When I look at the page I can only see current day and the next days events. Where can I go to see events several more days into the future? I need to plan farther ahead than one day out.

(Alex Pond - MBRC) #2

Just keep scrolling down the events section on the app and let the events load new events as you go.  I think you can go a week into the future.

(C oach Paul Ozier) #3

I can only see current day and very next day. Nothing else loads. I thought before I could see more.

(Chase Ertzberger (WBR)) #4

I just found out that you can use the Zwift Mobile Link app to look at events further out by scrolling down down down. There should be an option to choose the day first instead of having to scroll so much. Also, this does not appear to work on the web browser on a pc, which is what I typically use to plan my schedule out.