Future Zwift Mobile link events not listed


I noticed this on March 7th that scrolling thru the upcoming events on the ZML link stops around 3-4 hours in the future. Before this you could look up to a day or two ahead to see what events you wanted to sign up for but not it’s only showing the same days’s events, usually up to 3-4 hours into the future.

Anyone else see this? I’m on the latest IOS version of the app.



I’m on Android and i can scroll multiple days.

Latest iOS version - same problem. I can only see a list of events scheduled to start in the upcoming 5.5 hours. 

This is a bug we’re working to fix in an upcoming update. It’s currently an iOS ZML issue only, and we’ll patch it up soon!

ok thanks Jason for the update

Update just released in the Apple App Store to resolve this issue.

I’m having the same problem on android.

Same issue on Android, have noticed it since afternoon of Dec 31 est.

Same here, seems to be a new bug for us android users.  Already reinstalled the app and rested the filters. No events later than 2-4 hours in the future. 12 events are listed now and it looks like I cannot update the list. First event is from 10:15 and last for 12:15, now it is 11:35. Anything I can do to help fix this bug?