No events showing past 4 hours

Is there another glitch in the app? No events are showing past 12:30pm est today.

Yeah same for me. Strange as I had entered events for later in the week a day or so ago.

Same for me. ZML current version. Android 8.x

Same here last two days. Anyone know if there fixing it??

Same problem for me.
Android version 6.0.1
ZML version 2.1.8(327)

Welcome to the new year everyone!

I am having the same issue with:

SAMSUNG Galaxy 8 inch Tab S2

Android version 7.0

Zwift Moble Link (ZML) version 2.1.8 327

I can see only about 4 hours of scheduled events for the current day. I do NOT have this issue running ZML on my iphone 6.  I did not have this problem on my Samsung before the latest version of ZML posted.

Hope this helps when tracking down the issue. Thanks,

Mike Brewer

Should have mentioned that my issue is with ZML for Android too, I can see all the events on my pc and friends with iOS have no issues. I still can’t see anything beyond maybe 4 hours in the future, sometimes less.

Same here

Same issue here. Has been like this for almost week. Very frustrating.

Seems to be good to go now.

Yeah working for me again now.