Zwift mobile link disconnecting from Strava

So I continue to connect my zwift account to find out at the end of my activity zwift has disconnected me from Strava. So ultimately i have to manually load the rides. I have been using my iphone 6 as the riding platform and it has worked flawlessly up until now.  Is anyone else having this issue and is there a solution to this? Thanks! 

Yes. Me too. The past few days Strava has continually disconnected from Zwift. So annoying. Hoping someone has the answer.

yes, and me too.  Slightly annoying!

I’ve been having this problem too!!

me too!

Same here.

I’m just happy to see that it isn’t just me, I hope it’s fixed. It’s not the worst thing in the world just a bit of a pain.

Mine Too.  It’s like “Did I really ride”?


This is happening to me, too.  ZWIFT people, any fix here???

Yes please, same issue here! ZWIFT guys, any idea of the issue?

Same here, I connected to Strava either from the app or the web browser and 5 mn later after reloading the app or refreshing the page Strava isn’t connected anymore. It seems like the connection is never done as the “Find friends” starva page opening in the Mobile Link app doesn’t work either right after attempting to connect the 2.

I have the issue too. Raised a support ticket with Zwift who confirmed it was a known problem. In the meantime I’m manually uploading the .fit file to Strava after each ride. 

I’m constantly reconnecting Zwift to Strava (only 4 days into Zwift…) My first ride was synced with Strava. But last night after not showing up in Strava I went to the Companion and BUM… NOT CONNECTED TO STRAVA. AGAIN!!! Bahhhhh!!!