Lost connection to Strava

My ride on Jan 29 was not uploaded to Strava. I checked my connections and Strava showed disconnected. Everything was working fine on Jan 28. So I have reconnected to Strava. How I do manually upload my Jan 29 activity?

You can download the .fit file from here: https://my.zwift.com/index.jsp

On a Mac or PC you can find it in \documents\Zwift\Activities

Or from an iPhone or iPad you can do this: https://zwiftinsider.com/secret-feature-how-to-access-your-list-of-ride-fit-files-in-zwift-for-ios/ 

and then all you need to do is manually upload it to Strava.

Cool! Thanks Paul!

I had the same issue on 1 Feb (Strava connection dropped). I manually uploaded the activity to Strava but have just checked back this evening and the connection has dropped again. Is this a known, recurring issue?

Hi Ollie,
I had to go into my Zwift connections and reconnect to Strava by logging in from my iPhone (via the app) and also from my iMac (via the web). I got dropped again and reconnected again. It took 2 days but now it is finally working. I’m sure both Zwift and Strava are aware of this problem. They just to care to notify their subscribers.

* they just don’t care to notify their subscribers.

Happened to me repeatedly as well. Last week I randomly noticed it was disconnected in the ZML app when I was adding Fitbit as a connection - and even after I reconnected to Strava via the ZML app, my two next rides didn’t upload. So of course I check the website and sure enough it was disconnected again.

Had a less tech-savvy friend notice it as well, I helped him reconnect it earlier last week but didn’t suspect that it happened to me as well.