Zwift Mobile Link - Bring up the Ride Report at end of ride

Request:  Please let the Zwift Mobile Link app (ZML) bring up the Ride Report

Request (Stretch Goal):  Allow user to review Ride Report results at any time, whether in game, of out of game through ZML or the website.


The Zwift Mobile Link app has just two options when you complete a ride:



As a long time ZML user, I instinctively tap on Save because it’s right there and I sure don’t want to Discard.

This immediately saves and quits the game…

There is no opportunity to review the Ride Report.

The only way to do so is to apparently pull over to the side of the road in Zwift, and then in real life, hang off the front of your bike and tap the mouse or keyboard to get you to the Menu…


I know you can make this better

Please and thank you!

There is an update coming to the ZML soon, so it might resolve your issues.

More and more ZML improvements will be coming for sure!