Zwift mobile link - autorotate ?


I just bought a Tacx Ipad holder to use on my bike with my Samsung pad. Only to discover that the Zwift mobile link app refuses to rotate? Could this please be fixed in the next update? 

The holder looks like this 

So when the tablet is in the holder the zwift mobile app is on it side :) 

I really hope this is an easy fix for the developers.


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A better picture 

The holder it self can not be rotated in any other direction.

This issue also affects users of other tablets.  I have a Google Nexus 7 tablet and it also will not mount in portrait in this tacx holder.   Please add rotation support to the Zwift mobile app.


FYI The bracket is the Tacx T2092 

I have the same bracket and use in iPad mini. I hope they add ipad/tablet support to the app so we can view in landscape.

Do you have any feedback on this TACX iPad holder please.  I was going to purchase but many others said “dont” because the bike moves and the therefore the iPad does too.  This apparently makes it harder to view and operate.

Instead they recommended getting a stand that sits on the floor and is not attached to the bike.  This advice also came from DC Rainmaker (who uses a self made stand).

Thoughts appreciated.  And…  I take it you are using the Zwift iPhone app on the iPad ?  Is it a proper multi-device app or iPhone only and the iPad scales it up ?

I am not a fan of the Tacx iPad holder. It came with my trainer and and I already had a music stand I purchased from Amazon.

The Tacx holder feels really lose on my bike and shakes when I get out of the saddle.

It will only secure an iPad mini in landscape and the Zwift app only works in portrait. 

The music stand holds my iPad, iPhone, bluetooth keyboard.

Thanks Jason, good feedback. This is currently on the list of luxury items to get once everything else is sorted.  Right now I’m just using the TV and rarely use the app, when I do it’s via the iPhone which is located in my back pocket.

I do like it how Zwift starts out as “all you need is a basic Trainer, a bike and an ANT+ dongle” and rapidly expands into a New PC / Laptop, a Smart trainer, HDMI cables, Fans, Sports Headphones, Large Mat, Towels, Water Bottle, Phone / Tablet holders, new TV, TV stand, and the list goes on …

haha I feel ya! 

I started with a Cyclops Dump Trainer. Then got a stages power meter, then a Tacx Bushido Smart trainer. Next item on the list is a much bigger tv than the 22" monitor I am using.

I also have recently acquired the Bushido with the packaged Tablet Holder. My 10’ Asus Android tablet will also not rotate in landscape mode.  Perhaps Zwift can make a publish a modified version of the app in Landscape mode only?

+1 on the Autorotate feature. It’d also be nice to have a ipad specific app that would take advantage of the larger screen display :wink:


This puppy works great with my iPad mini:

It rotates.


You can get utilities on google app store that will force rotation. I am using Ultimate rotation which works a treat but is a paid app. Works for my old hp touchpad.

Any news on this feature comming to the mobile app?? it is planned so it should be a feature that is comming to the app but when?

I got the same Tacx tablet holder for Christmas.  Would be great to be able to get the iOS mobile link app to rotate so I could have a nice ipad display for controls when using Zwift.

For my tablet in the Tacx I use an android app called “Set Orientation”.  It’s free in the Google Play store, works great for Zwift, and is free.

Yes it works great, but why can’t Zwift support auto rotation, can’t be a big issue to add

Same issue here. I have the Tacx iPad holder and it is great for the iPad Pro, but would love to be able to put ZML on it with native resolution and rotated. Even just rotating the current display would help and we could probably use iOS 11’s multitasking to put it in a window.

+1 for this feature

+1 for rotation thx