Implement Zwift Companion Landscape mode

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The Z Companion. Designed to use mostly phones. I use a 10.1 Screen tablet. Unfortunately The companion can not flip the screen. Could be cool if It does. Very convenience too. In my case “Android Tablet” I can cast the tablet screen to a bigger TV using my easy way Chromecast or direct wire connection. This Casting has nothing to do with the Zwift Companion, but if ZC not flip my casting not flip when I flipping my tablet. Just Add to your App be flip-able flowing the Device position Vertical or Horizontal. Please. more area for Bigger Maps and maybe A Discord voice chat

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I am going to close the thread and point you to these two, you are welcome to add to the discussion on those. It is just easier to keep p everything together.

this one has a response from zwift.

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