Ipad App Rotation


Just wondering if it would be possible to have the Zwift Ipad App rotate to landscape mode?


Hi Rob,

Currently the app only works in portrait mode on iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. In the future we may support future orientations. Thanks for the feedback.



Thanks for the quick response Brian 

I hope its soon as I just got a tablet holder…in landscape.

This would be a great plus!  There are tons of iPad or tablet holders out there for mounting on or near bikes.  None of them orient the tablet vertically.  And almost all of them are far more convenient than a phone mount.

It’s on my wish list as well as my holder only securely holds the table in landscape.

This is why landscape mode would be nice (the tacx tablet holder). There are some different tablet holders for your bike, but this one is very solid. I’m planning on buying this one.

And up again, I have already neck problems by using the app on my tablet :wink:

please, please, please. Really annoying to have it in portrait when none of the holders for bikes work that way. :slight_smile:

Agree with all of the above.  I have the Tacx holder too.


Add another voice to landscape mode.  Tablet much better tool for indoor training than phone.  Holders oriented for landscape to take advantage of video mode.

Definitely a huge opportunity for improvement here.  Having to use my phone is a huge bummer given I already have a tablet mount.  Also optimizing the app for iPad would be fantastic, so much more screen real estate is available that theoretically everything could be present on one screen, no need for swiping left/right.

HI, any further news on this landscape issue? iPhone is to small to me to use during an intensive “winter” training. 

Or loose 10 bucks… go to trainer road :wink:

Please make this happen ASAP how hard can it be to allow it to hook into iPads autorotate feature? And besides which it is stupid not to have this option considering All tablet mounts for bikes support only landscape

Any news on running in landscape mode?

Me too. This one seems to have been running for a couple of years now. 

when will rotation be enabled come on Zwift this is simple surely

Me too, forcing portrait orientation make using a tablet for control extremely awkward - holders almost universally position the tablet in landscape orientation.