Zwift Android App - Landscape Mode

I might have missed this but if not, can you please add a landscape mode to your Android App, at the moment it just seems to stay in portrait mode when I switch my tablet to landscape (I cant find an option to change it manually), which is annoying as my tablet holder does not fit my tablet in portrait mode.

Hello Scott,

I have the same issue with the Tacx tablet holder and android app. :slight_smile: I have submitted a support ticket and I will share the answer with you as soon they replied.

Best regards,

Same issue here, not fun at all!

Portrait mode does not work with the Tacx mount with either a 7 inch tablet or 10 inch tablet. Sreen rotation is a common feature of other remote or console apps and makes the Zwift android app almost unusable. It’s not as if the app’s screen rendering is complicated.