Landscape Companion App

(Steve Copeland) #1

Please, please, please can we get the companion app to support landscape mode. My Tacx tablet holder does not hold a phone and only holds the iPad in landscape. I run Zwift on the appleTV and use the iapd for the companion app.

Companion app should work in landscape and portrait
(Vincent W.) #2

Thanks for the request Steve! I’ll forward it over

(Double A) #3

Yes, please!

(I M Gandu) #4

Agreed. Would be so useful

(Paul Porter) #5

Also running a Tacx iPad holder. Would also welcome Landscape in Companion App. :+1:

(fl33tStA) #6

same here, Tacx Tablet holder with Samsung Tablet, Landscape is needed :smiley:

(Jan Novak) #7

Yes please. I understand it’s practically developing a new tab, but even if you’d allow to rotate screen leaving wide black stripes on sides, it still would help.

(Jamie Levett) #8

I would also love the landscape option. Happy to have a cropped vertical screen as mentioned above.

(Steven Robinson) #9

Also would appreciate this - with the phone/tablet holder on my bike, the charging port is covered up if you put it in portrait mode, so if there was a landscape setting for the app, I could keep my phone on charge while using the Companion app (which does run down the battery really quickly).

(Chris Holton) #10

yep - another vote for this from me!

(Joseph Helminiak Usmes) #11

Up vote here, Running on 7inch tablet

(Peter Smith) #12

I had the same problem but found loads of apps for controlling orientation in Google store. I installed ‘Rotation Control’ (free), set it to application specific and told it that Companion was landscape and it worked. Mine is an android fix but as ipad apps out-number android there’s bound to be plenty to look at. I agree it would be much better if native in the Zwift app but this will get us by until then. Good luck.