Landscape Companion App

(Josh Haas) #21

I vote for an iPad app specifically, not just the ability to rotate the phone app running on the iPad. Please please!!!

Love love Zwift, thank you!

(Chris Holton) #22

I have found a bit of a work around for Android tablets.

If you open a random app (I used chrome) and then go to split screen mode (you may need to enable it but if you hold the previous apps button it should work) and open the companion app it isnt sideways!

(Mark Ley Race3R) #23

iPad tailored version of ZC would be a great addition!

(Scott England) #24

Same request as above. I don’t use an iPad like the other users above, I use the iPhone Zwift companion app clipped on the handlebars of my bike and the phone holder I use only works in landscape mode.

(Richard Basa) #25


I think lot of Tacx riders has the same problem as using the Tacx holder.
Is there any date in the roadmap when this will be resolved?
Maybe the new 120M investment helps… :slight_smile:

(Jesper Veis (DBR)) #26

Yes please :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:

(Fred Verstraaten) #27

Yes, please!!! My setup is a big screen and the iPad on the steer. However it fits only in landscape mode.

(G odmother Fox-Neo2) #28

speaking of iPad and Tacx holder … then tablet “fits” in portrait mode, too … but you have to secure it using duct tape and/or rubber bands … yes, looks a little bit silly, but works :wink:

and of course … NO sprints :slight_smile: )

(Fred Verstraaten) #29

Steven, a suggestion for the Tacx holder. Take the slider upper part of the Tacx holder. So unscrew it, take it off and put the screw back when it is separated. Then put it back on top of the Tacx holder so that it extends the height of the holder. It is now lose on the top but you can fix this easily. For this put first the ipad in the Tacx holder and use a tie wrap to fixated the upper part to the slider part. One tie-wrap will do the trick! Although it can slide a bit on the bottom it can’t get out anymore.

(Steven Smith (Racc) (Ggcc) ) #30

Hi Fred,

I have done this already with 2 tie wraps. (With one it came off whilst sprinting) I am a beacon and thus have to type a lot. I also copy and past pre ride instructions and recommendations. I have to constantly move the wraps about. It’s not impossible but it is a pain! Thanks for your comment. :+1:t3: Ride On!

(Fred Verstraaten) #31

Hi Steven, I will send a picture how I did it. Because it can’t get out with this setup and the wrap is at the back.

(J Low ) #32

Another vote for yes ASAP

(Paul Monne) #33

Yet another vote for landscape companion app. Android samsung tablet user here!

(Jeremy Perks) #34

Another:+1: vote from me

(Eric D Tremblay (St Aug)) #35

Yes please, allow landscape for iPad. Do it, it’s very simple to do…why is so long ???

(Anthony) #36

This gets an up vote from me.

(Leon Robbins) #37

Thank so much for this tip! I just tried it, and not only does it allow me to force Zwift Companion to run in landscape mode, but it also allows me to set it to automatic rotation mode, so that it rotates to match my device’s current orientation.

NB: When Companion is in landscape mode, it still uses the portrait-orientation UI, but only displays part of it at any one time; it forces the app to implement scrolling, allowing you to scroll up and down with your finger to view the full screen. I.e., it doesn’t add black letterboxing rectangles at either side of the screen.

There are many similarly named apps in the Google Play Store. This is the one that I tried:

(Andy Linquist) #38

Add me to the list. Same setup as original post. Landscape would be a huge plus.

(Graham Goddard) #39

LIke most I have the Tacx Tablet holder with a Samsung Tablet really would appreciate landscape mode

(Mark) #40

Totally agree…