Landscape mode for Companion App

(Dan Burges) #1

Please can the iPhone Zwift Companion App have a “landscape mode” for when the phone is rotated into the landscape orientation.  It would really help!

(Jordan Rapp) #2

Hi Dan,

We have no plans to implement this. It’s basically like developing entirely separate apps. This is why, for example, Facebook chooses not to support landscape mode. It’s just a extraordinary amount of work that doesn’t really seem to add any meaningful functionality. Same reason we wouldn’t add a portrait mode for the iOS version of the game.

We’d rather focus on bringing you new features than on making the same features twice.

Ride On,


Zwift Game Design

(Mr. Alpaca The Avatar) #3

But if my Ipad is charging it doesnt work but i guess il just find a way…

(Steve Copeland) #4

The landscape mode is actually quite an issue as the tablet holders are all landscape.  I run Zwift on the Apple TV and the helper app on my ipad and have to use the app on its side which is very frustrating!!

(john white) #5

I run the android version in landscape by using an app to force it to landscape because I only have a 7" tablet and it will only fit in the holder in landscape.

I would much rather have a version that  supports landscape as well.

No experience of IOS.

(WF Kelderman) #6

Zwift Folks - poor response, most holders are forcing tablets in landscape placement. Why is it so hard to support rotation, pretty much all my android apps support it …


John -  could you share the app you use for that feature ?

(john white) #7

I used Rotation - Orientation Manager by Pranav Pandey


I have since bought the Minoura TPH-1 Tablet Holder Mount for bicycle which will fit a 7-9.7" tablet in portrait 

(Paulo Pires) #8

Just another tablet horizontal support owner that thinks this is important. Regards

(David Kindler) #9

As more of us migrate to Apple TV, Landscape mode for an iPad running Companion becomes more desirable… please keep it on the development list!!

(Manuel Duran) #10

… Or just develop an iPad version of the companion app.

I’d love to use the companion in my iPad since I use a Tacx holder that does no support portrait mode.


I agree You are continuously developing new features But maybe you should just stop for a moment, hear you customers and set the basic features instead of adding new routes, better graphics, etc.

For lots of zwifters, this landscape mode (or an ipad version) is a must, as also the android app, the ability to choose at list between 2 “worlds”, or just to be able to set the game settings without having to actually start a ride…

There are lots of improvements that should be prioritized before adding new expansions. Really.

(Kevin Roberts | kpr2go) #11

Yes put me down as another looking for landscape mode for the companion app.  Ipad holder on the bars only supports landscape mode.

(Kev Peard (C) (NEO)) #12

OK. I have taken the plunge and cut my Tacx IPad stand to extend it by 2". I can now use an iPad in portrait mode. Let’s hope the glue holds out. It looks a bit bodged but you can’t see it with the iPad in place.