Zwift Mobile Link app - buttons

Zwift Mobile Link (ZML) buttons are 

top row: Elbow Flick  / Wave

2nd row: Ride On / Bell

3rd row: Hammer Time / I’m Toast

4th row: Nice / Group Text

My issue is that when you get into a “turn zone” the top row is replaced by directional controls.  That’s cool except you can no longer Wave to the dude you’ve been riding with for the last 10km as you peel off in a different direction.  Neither could you throw an Elbow Flick if you were so inclined.

It would be nice to be able to customize the button order, and therefore which ones get over ridden by the Turn controls.


I heard that there is some changes coming to the mobile app.

My concern is that while in workout mode the turn buttons go over the Resistance buttons, then I cant increase/decrease the resistance.