Zwift Mileage vs. Strava Mileage

I’ve checked and checked again. I have identical activity files in both Zwift and Strava for my trainer, all binned as Virtual Rides on Strava and all tagged with my trainer bike. I am taking advantage of all the gear tracking features in Strava, hence the discovery. However, I have a delta of over 60 miles over the past year between the two platforms. Any ideas as to what’s going on here?

rounding errors I think?

Probably because Zwift is pulling from 2 different databases.

I have not been on Zwift a whole lot this year, so a 5% rounding error would be significant and really unacceptable. Has to be something else…

Not sure what you are referring to. Zwift data comes direct from my trainer, and the subsequent Strava file is a direct import from Zwift for my virtual rides. The Zwift data is raw. Are my missing something here?

Zwift stores data in 2 different databases and that might be the reason your stats are not matching up.

I think Strava calculates the distance on its own in its own way based on the waypoint coordinates provided. The distances for my IRL rides shown on Strava don’t exactly match those recorded by my bike computer (with or without speed sensor) either.

Did you ever resolve this? I have the same issue - on Strava, I show 5,035km that I’ve logged on Zwift rides; however, on Zwift, it only shows 4,883km (152km less). I exported all my activities out of Strava into a spreadsheet, and matched them up with all the activities in Zwift (and other than rounding errors up to .1km), they were identical - there was nothing to account for the difference of 152km

Is this issue what maybe also feeds into mismatches on segments between Zwift and Strava. From the TdZ stage, can’t figure out why there was a non-match on the Ballon Sprint segment:

So whose math is wrong in adding up the individual contributing rides, since you seem to be saying these all match between the 2 platforms?

The Zwift mileage is incorrect - it’s more annoying than anything, as I primarily use Strava for any statistics - but for my OCD side, it bugs me when I know Zwift does not add up total mileage correctly

There is different results depending on how you look at the fit file. Strava Zwift garmin and golden cheetah all have slightly different results.

Just pick one that you like and stick with it.

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