New to Zwift, getting differing results

Hi All.
I’ve had Zwift for a week now. For the long, dark winter time nights. I’m enjoying it so far but, i have noticed a very large discrepancy im miles between my Garmin watch (connected to my Elite Direto X) and Zwift. In some cases up 25%!!

How accurate are miles in Zwift, or my turbo data??? Im completely new to turbo’s as well as Zwift.
Even though im not using the elite app for training as, I cant get both Elite an Zwift to connect to the turbo at the same time AND annoyingly the Elite PC app has no minimise button!!
So useless for switching between apps and entertainment (music/films) so all im using the Elite app for is updating rider weight…

Another question i have is: The Elite app for the turbo asks for rider AND bike weight… but, Zwift only asks for rider weight. To be honest I weigh myself and update all apps, Garmin Elite and Zwift before I Zwift but, should I be adding the weight of my bike?

This is the only thing i can think of for such a large discrepancy. Apart from just normal data differences between apps but, 25% seems way to high to me? Or are zwift miles more of scoring points rather than actual miles???

Thanks very much in advance!!


No, you shouldn’t add your bike weight to your own weight for Zwift.

This should help - How Does Zwift Determine My Speed?

Speed obviously affects distance covered.

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Your turbo is only guessing in a very rudimentary fashion your mileage. On zwift your are covering virtual ground, with loads of different dynamics based on real life baked in - for example rolling resistence, gradients, aerodynamics, draft, etc. Ignore the turbo trainer numbers and go by the zwift mileage.

You can sync your Zwift activities to garmin to ensure your data is considered. No need to record on the watch itself.

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Thanx for the speedy replies, So the differences are normal, pay attention to Zwift miles?
I Was worried my set up was wrong…

An thanx for confirmation on the rider plus bike wieght.

The trainer knows only about what power you push on the pedals, and estimates a speed with that info which gives you a distance. It won’t know the distance you are covering in a descent like in Alp de Zwift while you are not moving the pedals at all. So you would cover 18km with 0W, which the trainer will ignore.
So yes, difference is normal.

You still can record your ride on the watch if you want to have the correct training effect calculated by Garmin, which otherwise won’t be taken into account if you only sync your activities from Zwift to Garmin. There is also a way to merge Zwift Data into your Garmin record to have a correct record.

Thanx!! That makes sense, my duh :slight_smile: Currently I’m starting my watch and leaving it recording while I ride few different Zwifts. So i get data for each zwift And an overall workout data. Just ordered a HR strap so I’ll play with that when it turns up.

Another newbie question: how do i get my zwift data onto my (free) strava. Ive connected both apps an im getting likes on Strava from other zwifters but, no zwift data on my personal strava timeline.
Is it to do with enabling cookies?

Many thanx again

Always a good thing to get a HRM, get a Pro or a Pro Plus… :wink:

If you get Strava kudos on Strava your activity has been posted to your timeline. You can go in the Strava App at the bottom right “you” (click on yourself) then you will on the new window your Progression top left, Activities top middle and your Profile (top right). the menu Activities will show everything you accomplished.

If you didn’t modify the settings you should anyway get a notification when Zwift has posted your activity to Strava. Also, same when Garmin is posting your activity on Strava…

If not, check here:

If your accounts are connected, do it if not :wink:

I got a Garmin dual HR on the way as it was half price, the pro models are out of my range as i allready have the watch.
As for the strava, yep done all that. Only thing i can think of is im using the free app? I’ll have to look further into it when i get home from work.

No not that, free strava will get the Zwift data.

Make sure your activities is not set to private and longer than 5km.

According to what I see in his Zwift profile, he has public activities and longer than 5km. Which makes sense if he is getting kudos on Strava…

Or is it ride on on Zwift that you are talking about Jonathan? It’s a bit unclear…

Good for the HRM dual!

I can see my friends zwift rides on my strava news feed but not my own. Neither in my activities or progress screens. I think I’ve connected all apps?

I do have the strava privacy thing on my home so people cant see where i live, could this be the cause? As im zwifting at home, in a private area?

No, zwift uses gps coordinates of real places, not your home address.

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I think the problem is at stravas end though, emailed them today. See what happens