Zwift making unwanted change to workout warmup

I am using Zwift to do training workouts synced from TrainingPeaks. The workouts normally start with a warmup at a set fixed power but Zwift keeps changing these to a ramp from too low to too high. Is there a setting I can turn off to prevent Zwift from changing my workout?

At the moment, the only workaround I have is to go into every workout my coach adds to my TrainingPeaks and change the interval type from warmup to recovery.

Is your FTP set to a different value from TP to Zwift?

Mine does the same and I don’t think there’s a workaround other than what the OP mentioned or switching ERG mode off. For me a warmup set at 120w in Training Peaks when imported into Zwift will start at 100w and ramp up to 140w by the end of the 5min.

No, the value is set the same on both.


Thanks for sharing your concerns!

Based on what others have said here, it does seem that there’s a difference in how the warmups translate from workouts designed in TrainingPeaks to how they function after making it over to Zwift. It seems this is most likely a functionality issue and not so much a true bugs and support issue.

You might also browse the Feature Requests section of the forums and see if there’s anything comparable to what your issue; feel free to upvote any you find. If you don’t find something similar, you can create a new post in Feature Requests and others will have the opportunity to upvote it. Popular requests may lead to improvements in Zwift down the road.

If you’re wanting to take it one step further, it might be worth reaching out to TrainingPeaks support, and raise the issue with them. There’s perhaps something that can be adjusted in the workout creation process (on the TrainingPeaks side) that can serve as an effective solution or workaround.

Hope that helps!

This is the solution! If you consume an API and produce incorrect results, you should always bounce back complaints of your own customers to the providers of said API. Everything else just doesn’t make sense from a business perspective.

You could be right A S @Captain_Picaro

In truth, the inner workings (from a design and development perspective) are largely a mystery to me. So, I’m not really sure if this is more a problem with Zwift workout functionality specifically or an issue with how they’re designed in TrainingPeaks before being synced with Zwift. Maybe corrections need to be made on both sides.

Either way, I try to do my best to steer Zwifters towards the resources that might be most helpful and productive for this issue.

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