Zwift Mac - Can't get past 'Let's Go'

Hoping somebody can help a newbie. Just set up my Zwift Hub and I’m sitting here in bibs waiting to go!

I hit the ‘Let’s go’ button and get this screen

Then type my username and password and get this screen

Working on my phone fine, first time using the Mac app. Both on same WiFi.

iMac running Ventura.

I have the same issue on my laptop, therefore always used an Apple TV.
I wonder if Zwift have any possibility to share the back links that the app requires because my computer uses limited internet access policy and I wish I could open the websites that are not working.

Your issue might be different but just putting it in here.

As in it’s your company blocking it?

I have the authorisation to approve websites to unlock them tho, but I don’t know which to unlock, nor do I know how to find out what URL’s the app is requesting

Found this which might help you, doesn’t help me!


Thanks I’ll give it a shot

Anybody else with this issue?