Zwift Loyalty Rewards - Cycling Vacation

Everyone loves a vacation. We work hard for 50 weeks to get somewhere. Cyclists seem to be in love with one particular destination. Imagine being there with the pros for two whole weeks. Where? That’s the easy part. How? That’s the interesting part.

To get your passport, you have to Zwift for 50 consecutive weeks. Call it a loyalty reward. Call it a passport for a virtual vacation. It is an exclusive island where you must earn your way in order to ride there.

If you want to ride Zwift’s newest world, Mallorca, you must work for it. Don’t worry. If you don’t get there, you can always watch someone else riding there. Oh, did I mention everything you need is here waiting for you, exclusive bikes, pro jerseys to pick from, croissants and coffee of course.

Please do the following: Vote “Yes” and add something to the rewards or just whine about why you would still be unhappy.

That would be my idea of hell, being somewhere nice to cycle like Brittany, and having the roads congested with loads of other folk zooming around, holidays are supposed to be relaxing

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Like the idea @Zee_Kryder ! It would be great to earn a special world after some hard work! For me, a twenty- or even ten-week streak of Zwifting should be enough, 50 is too much for most.
Mallorca would be a good idea, a lot of nice riding to be done there. But I’d also like a really exotic location, with palm trees, blue lagunes, white beaches and more! In fact the actual map where Watopia is located on Strava would be nice to ride.

Then you will be very happy as there are like a million palms in Mallorca. This would be a special world that is only available to year-long Zwifters, as opposed to those who Zwift just 6 or 9 months of the year.

You can ride in Mallorca whenever you want on another cycling application where you have the real routes with accuracy and real scenery.

And no requirements to jump through hoops and hurdles do do that.That’s what encourages loyalty, not putting up more barriers for people to use the software.

Over last three weeks I’ve ridden a different real world route every day, either in France, Austria or Italy. None of them I had ridden before. It would probably take me over a year to get through all of the routes I’m interested in before I start digging into the thousand or other routes.

That makes it interesting and encourages me to keep using that app instead of using Zwift.

In the past week and a bit I have done:

Passo di Giau, Mendelpass, Jaufenpass, Großglockner and Edelweisspitze, Timmelsjoch, La Rabassa (Andorra), Col de la Madeleine from La Chambre, Col de la Madone, Col de Vars from Guillestre, Zoncolan from Sutrio, Alpe d’Huez, Penserjoch from Sterzing.

Problem: Zwift likes its worlds to be a traffic jam of riders, so a locked down Mallorca (or other location) available to relatively few people would be out of step with normal convention. It would be relatively empty.

So why come here to whine?

Those “real” videos look amateur productions from a Google car with traffic, potholes, and rotating hairpin turns. You can ride your bike in GTA where cars chase you and people honk and swear. That’s pretty realistic, just not what I want.

You did invite people to whine, so don’t get surprised if people have a different thought on your idea. If you didn’t want people to reply with differing ideas, you could have said so.

People always want new routes and worlds, so locking them behind some barriers isn’t going to make people happy especially if there is a lengthy process to get access to it which could be derailed by any number of things outside of their control. The person gets sick, injured, some other event happens that stops them from using Zwift, then it’s another year for them to try and unlock it again. Someone else had the same thoughts so I’m not alone.


You could base access to this world on XP. What could go wrong?

This is Zwift. Imagine getting to week 51 only to find that, due to some bug or other, you didn’t qualify and you had to wait another full year :joy:

It ain’t going to happen. As above, Zwift already limits the number of Worlds in order to increase the numbers in each one. They’re not going to put in a significant amount of effort to create another World for a few folk to ride two weeks out of every year.

And think about how you’d introduce it. Year 1, it would be empty for 50 weeks, then there would be a peak for two weeks, then all of those riders would be “working” for another 50 weeks. Meanwhile, in Week 53, a handful of riders show up., and so on for Weeks 54-102, before there’s a sudden peak again.

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See this:Link

You could qualify until you skip a month. lol, it seems like everyone has bots now; mw, rouvy, and nearly every rider on IV.